Do your public speaking skills match your expertise, knowledge and professional capacity?

Do you get ‘speaking anxiety’, which affects your efficiency in workplace or academic presentations and slows your professional advancement?

Will an ability to speak with conviction and eloquence help you get ahead of your competitors?

Speaking skills can sometimes make or break a career. Ability to convince, move and sway your audience can result in successful sales negotiation, better efficiency in training new recruits, getting a pay raise, securing series A funding, beating your competitors to a C-level job, or getting out of a traffic ticket.

Being a successful and convincing orator is not a talent or a gift. Just like driving a car, learning a language, or mastering a musical instrument, speaking is learned and honed over time. Like any other skill, it only gets better with practice.

The purpose of the “Public Speaking with Confidence” course is to give professionals a methodology, that will allow them to write, prepare, and deliver stellar public speeches in a variety of professional and academic circumstances and environments.


Paul Odnoletkov, an award-winning speaker and marketing professional with over 15 years of international experience in public speaking, social and business presentations.

Maria Gurevich, a professional educator with nearly two decades of experience teaching language-related subjects to children and adults in Canada. Founder and director of The Answer Learning Centre


This course is designed to train professionals to structure and deliver effective and professional speeches and presentations. Its curriculum is based on decades of public speaking experience, latest scientific research in the fields of psychology and sociology, and offers the best practices, techniques, and methods of convincing oral speech. In an interactive environment, the participants will analyse and evaluate each other’s presentations as well as video recordings and transcripts of the best historical and contemporary speeches and presentations.

The theoretical part addresses psychological, verbal, physical, vocal and social components of public speaking engagements.

Unique exercises analyse various occasions, formats, and purposes of public speaking, highlighting the differences between them and providing a methodology for maximum adaptability and practical application of the speaking techniques.

On the practical side, the participants benefit from delivering prepared and on-the-spot speeches to the group  to help them refine their skill and become confident and successful speakers.

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